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Overwatch is an extremely stylized team-based shooter place onto a near-future earth. Every game is an extreme multiplayer showdown pitting a varied cast of heroes, mercenaries, scientists, adventurers, and oddities against each other in an epic, globe-spanning battle. In Overwatch, bold personalities with exceptional abilities fight across amazing yet familiar battlegrounds. Teleport ago rockets while an ally dives behind a double-decker hoverbus about the cobblestone roads of London. Shield your group from a dark archer’s ambush, then search him via a bazaar under a high-tech Egyptian pyramid.

Screenshot Overwatch xbox one :

Résultats de recherche d'images pour « ‫overwatch لشةثحمشغ‬‎ »

Résultats de recherche d'images pour « ‫overwatch لشةثحمشغ‬‎ »


Overwatch Xbox one gameplay :


File game type  : xbox one Game code – ONLINE DIGITAL CODE-

Console :  Microsoft xbox one

 Game Version : USA

Note of this game  : 18/20

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