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Far Cry 5

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My initial short glimpse indicated that Far Cry 5 is doing enough in the play section to receive its due focus on merit alone. I didn’t get to see a lot of the true game running through Hay’s enthusiastic pre-E3 Judges’ Week demonstration; it had been more tell than reveal for today, at least till E3. However, what I did see was just what I would want to see out of a new-gen Far Cry: a huge rural sprawl that’s every bit as stunning and enormous. Abnormal weapons such as pitchforks and chooses (set to predictably gruesome use from the gameplay snippets I watched). And my favourite new feature so much: puppies. Yes, now you can receive a canine pet that will assist you endure the wilds, and your puppy can’t just attack, but he may also pick up weapons from dead bodies and deliver them to you.